DEX-Donald (Dark Excellent Donald) is an edited version of Dark Donald by MatsudaSpecial, he is one of the cheapest characters edits ever created in cheapness. He's in progress. He has a lot of new moves, plus it has screamers occasionally appearing in the 2nd round battles: It starts off with an idle animation from a different character with a dark outfit (e.g. Touhou characters, Naruto, Kefka, Ao Oni, Doraemon, bloodied skeleton from a MK3 Fatality, etc), which is then followed by a scary picture with the infamous loud scream sounds after which the match starts, the differrences of the screamers of Dark Donald and DEX-Donald are:

1-In the mickey mouse screamer the Dark Donald head doesn't appear.

2-It has a new screamer from the video search of google from the website

3-It also has the Pennywise's face with Pennywise screeching.

His most notable palletes are :

SD-EX Donald AKA Super Dark Excellent Donald (8p): Start+b

Neo Dark Excellent Donald: Start+c

Clones Pallete: Start+x

R-EX Donald AKA Rainbow Excellent Donald (11p): Start+y

F-EX Donald AKA Final Excellent Donald (12p): Start+z

He also has a secret pallete called:

TF-EX Donald AKA Tactily Final Excellent Doanld (13p)

His actual version is Beta 5.5, but MatsudaSpecial said that he will not update him anymore, sadly.

Potrait And PreviewEdit


Nico: Este excelente donald oscuro dice otros nombres del juego.paseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkEdit